About Me

I’m Ashley Feltz, and I love encouraging other mamas to enjoy the journey through motherhood and to trust in God every step of the way. I have a beautiful baby girl Willow Marie whom I love more than words can describe and my husband Jason who brightens up my life and makes me smile everyday.

Willow 3

I love to offer advice on “crunchy” parenting subjects such as Attachment Parenting , Co-Sleeping, Breastfeeding, Baby- Led Weaning, Baby-Wearing, Vaccinations, Natural Labor and Delivery, Hypnobirthing, Healthy Pregnancy, Essential Oils, Meditation, Life Coaching, and really just about anything on the natural or alternative spectrum when it comes to raising a little one.

My husband and I own a Chiropractic practice in Grove City Ohio and serve our community as if they were our own family. I am a Life Coach and am excited to share my experiences with you!

Life is to short to worry or fear the future…we pray…love each other…and we live happily.

Love – Ashley


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