Essential Oils…saved my sleep!

“Where have you been all my life”…..I asked myself the morning after I discovered Essential Oils and how AMAZING they are for little ones! ¬†Essential-Oils

Willow- my 18 month old daughter has had digestion issues since she was a month old. Crying spells because she was having issues digesting food (even with me nursing, not eating any dairy and keeping an eye on everything I consumed). This broke my heart…I knew that I did not want to give m 4 week old any over the counter medicine so I researched other options. I discovered Essential Oils. I started using the oils by rubbing them on her tummy when she was constipated or gassy…it amazed me how quickly she bounced back with the oils on and got back to her happy self. The oils have continued to work wonders for us…she does not need them as much now but they have become a staple in our natural medicine cabinet.

Now we have a nightly bedtime routine that includes a Lavender Blend essential oil….she loves it…runs into the bedroom…throws her feet up in the air ready for me to up the oils on for her! The Serenity oil ¬†helps calm her down at night and helps her to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is amazing how quickly little brains develop…sometimes when going through a growth spurt their little minds have a hard time shutting off at night to allow sleep…thus why toddlers regress back to waking up at night on and off. The Serenity oils works within 20 minutes of putting it on and she sleeps all night!

Every mama knows that a happy well rested toddler is a must for our sanity!

We have our next oil class happening July 22nd…we will be learning oil basics and how easy they are to incorporate into your daily life. Join us!

xo – Ashley


Hello world!

This is our very first post!

I am so exited to share my experiences with parenting, being a mama, following and teaching my 18 month all about Jesus and anything else that pops into my crazy journey of life.

I am happy to take questions…topic requests….anything really…I am an open book and I want to share with you!

Happy Reading!

xo – Ashley